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Fostering a Culture of Reading: The 'Read More, Know More' Initiative

In a concerted effort to promote literacy and cultivate a love for reading among students and faculty, our school organizes a monthly initiative known as 'Read More, Know More.' The day prior to this event, our diligent librarian meticulously selects reading materials tailored to each grade level. Younger students, from primary to 5th standard, are provided with engaging storybooks, while older students, from 6th to 10th standard, receive thought-provoking articles sourced from reputable periodicals, as well as a selection of fiction and non-fiction books. Even our esteemed teachers are not exempt from this literary treat, as they too are presented with stimulating reading material.

On the designated day, our esteemed headmaster formally announces the commencement of the reading activity, outlining its duration and objectives. Subsequently, both teachers and students eagerly immerse themselves in silent reading, demonstrating remarkable enthusiasm for the endeavor. Once individuals have completed their allotted reading time, diligent class monitors efficiently collect and return the borrowed materials to the library.

This concerted focus on reading not only broadens our horizons but also fosters a deeper understanding of various subjects. Reading serves as a catalyst for idea generation and the acquisition of extensive knowledge. Furthermore, it plays a pivotal role in enhancing vocabulary and communication skills, nurturing creativity, and instilling the invaluable habit of critical thinking and expressing one's opinions.