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March 23, 2020

Principal’s Message on Corona Virus

Dear Students
As the world is fighting against the COVID-19 outbreak, students around the world have been impacted by school closings and disruption….in these uncertain times each one of you need to stay safe and stay positive. I exhort you to spend your time well at home. We all are dealing with greater concerns, such as the health of family, friends, and ourselves. But for those free of illness and stuck at home, what do you do with your time? Here are a few friendly suggestion:

1. Take care of yourself.
As a first step, don’t neglect your physical and mental health.

2. Learn a new skill.
You could enhance your computer skill, learn how to create a fancy craft out of waste or you could also read a book.

3. Revisit your study desk and space.
– Its time to dust the desk, remove books not needed and figure out whether you want to keep some of your notebooks.

4. Promote your writing skills.
– This might be the perfect time to wiggle your way out from underneath the rock and write on current topics and help your friends understand the situation better.

5. Think about your career plans.
Use this time to introspect and have clarity about what you want to do in future.
– You could read a book about career planning, test out career options with online job simulations.
– Reflect on the skills you have, brainstorm skills you’d like to develop, and think about where you see yourself headed in the future.

6. Be nice to your family.
This is the time to give back to your parents all the help you can by listening to them. Be obedient, be kind to them and be grateful for keeping you safe at home.

7.Do fun stuff.
What is the thing that gives you joy? Is there an old hobby you can pick up again? This is the time to practice music, singing, art , dancing, reading and craft. Take care of yourself and others, and remember to stay indoors, use a mask, wash your hands and use sanitizer.

Pray for self and others. Keep faith and good health.
Assuring you all a prayerful remembrance.
God bless you and keep you safe.

– Staff members & Principal
Don Bosco, Panjim.